ERP Software Tip | Exporting Data from Pronto Xi ERP using Data Intelligence
Pronto Xi ERP Tip: Exporting Data from Pronto Xi using Data Intelligence

Flexibility in ERP software is essential to meet ever changing business needs. Pronto Xi ERP Software allows users to organize and complete tasks with inherent customization tools. Many of these tools we are familiar with – for example Favourites Menu, Screen Customizer, and development tools such as component libraries and exportable procedures.

What we have not discussed in past blogs is data flexibility. In our experience, there are times when a data export is necessary. ERP software should be flexible in allowing a clean raw data export that is easy to accomplish, although controlled for both security and data duplication.

Data Intelligence Project Wizard

Pronto Xi ERP Software’s Data Intelligence uses the DI Project Wizard to launch controlled data exports from Pronto Xi without the need for a programmer. The Wizard provides step by step guidance to create sophisticated data sets for export.

To access the DI Project Wizard, in Pronto Xi ERP, navigate to:

Data Intelligence > DI Project Wizard (DI M001)

Important Note: Advanced Functionality
The Wizard, although relatively easy to run, is designed for power users that are familiar with Pronto Xi data structure, Structured Query Language (SQL), and have security access to use Data Intelligence.
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Important Note: Sharing Corporate Data
Caution should be taken when exporting data from corporate systems. Ensure that exports contain only the data elements that are required, and that export files are securely managed and shared with those with appropriate data clearance.
Benefits of the Data Intelligence Project Wizard

Here is a quick summary of what you can do with the DI Project Wizard:

  • Perform quick exports of large amounts of data
  • Export from a single table or perform joins (and validate joins) to create multi-table views
  • Select specific field data as required across all tables in view
  • Include calculated fields for further data analysis
  • Ability to save exported data in Microsoft Excel, .CSV and XML file formats
  • Ability to launch a saved export configuration from the Pronto Xi Navigation Menu
  • Secure access to the DI Project Wizard and provide only to those who require the tool

When the DI Project Wizard for exporting data is run, that data output is saved directly to the Pronto Xi server. In Post Processing, the user can use Transport to Remote Host or Run Script to transfer the file to a secure network drive or local machine. Another method to transfer the data output file from the Pronto server is to use an FTP client such as WinSCP.

Using the DI Project Wizard

For full details regarding the use of the Data Intelligence Wizard, a User Guide is available from Pronto Software. This comprehensive guide provides complete process details including security setup for those requiring access.

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