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A Powerful BPM Platform.

FlowCentric Processware is a business process management workflow platform that enables developers to create digital form-based applications. With FlowCentric Processware developers can quickly build, integrate, and evolve process-driven applications for any company, without adding unnecessary complexity to the company’s IT architecture.

Business Process Management Workflow improves task accuracy and efficiency through control via rule based input
Accelerate business by making the most of your company’s data.
Rapidly boost corporate efficiency and employee productivity.
Business Process Management Workflow provides a means of building processes that do not vary over time
Build business processes that stand the test of time.
FlowCentric can be tightly integrated with Pronto Xi ERP to provide a complete enterprise solution.
Extend the reach of existing systems with powerful integration capabilities.

Discover how customized workflow solutions can capture your most critical business processes to improve accuracy and efficiency.

The importance of business process workflow for organizations.

Every business uses processes to run their operations. From ordering stock to selling a service to assembling a product, each employee, system or intelligent asset needs to follow a collection of steps in order to achieve an outcome.

Decrease their operating costs by reducing expenses.

Eliminate unapproved and irresponsible spending.

Increase the quality and speed of their service delivery.

Collect and process, accurate relevant data for statistical analysis and reuse.

Standardize output of products and services to ensure compliance and quality.

Reduce the risk of fraud, human error, non-compliance and reputational damage

Accelerate employee onboarding to ensure productivity in minimal time.

Adapt more efficiently to outperform competitors and take advantage of market opportunities.

Business processes can be difficult to control, but through the help of workflow, users are guided to provide validated responses that are ordered and timely. The initiation of workflow simplifies and lends accuracy to work tasks.

Flowcentric Processware for Pronto Xi ERP Software

Successfully managing business processes with FlowCentric Processware.

Flowcentric Processware allows organizations to quickly build, deploy, and evolve business process workflow applications without adding unnecessary complexity to their IT architecture.

With Processware organizations can:

Increase operational efficiency by digitizing unique business processes.

Automate complex workflows that span across systems, departments, customers and suppliers.

Securely control execution of each step in a process.

Sort and present data from different sources through a single intuitive interface.

Securely connect 3rd parties to company processes and data through desktop and mobile devices.

Automatically initiate processes based on data received from sensors, emails and documents.

Implement companywide process changes with minimal change management or interruption to daily operations.

Ensure that tasks are completed accurately and in time, keeping users informed at each step in the process.

Set up escalation and rerouting rules to ensure that work never stands still and that service level agreements are met.

Maintain a full audit trail of each action that users take on the system.

Archive completed tasks along with all the data and documents associated with the process.

Search and interrogate both currently running and archived processes if the need arises.

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