Pharmaceutical Wholesaler ERP Software | ERP for pharmacy distribution

Unparalleled pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesale-distribution functionality delivered by professionals.

  • Pharmaceutical ERP software can help improve order fill rates by forecasting product demand.
    Improved order fill rates
    DRP and advanced forecasting provide accurate demand planning to ensure all received orders are filled – even during seasonal demand and trends.
  • Pronto Xi ERP software's flexible platform allows for integration with dispensary solutions.
    Dispensary solution integration
    Ensure proper adjudication of prescription payments between insurers and clients while keeping ERP data up-to-date for accurate record keeping.
  • Pharmaceutical ERP software promotes compliance through elevated financial and product serial tracking.
    Built-in utilities to ensure compliance with federal agencies and regulators like Health Canada and US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Product Expiration/Shelf Life Tracking
    Manage stock with FIFO inventory, shelf life tracking, best before dates and use-by dates.
  • Pronto Xi ERP provides full inventory traceability through serial number, lot number and purchase order
    Inventory traceability-serial lot, or purchase
    Accurately manage inventory across multiple locations by serial number, lot number or purchase order number.
  • Pharmaceutical ERP software requires rental and washbay for medical equipment distribution
    Rental Management
    Comprehensive rental functionality for tracking serialized and non-serialized medical supplies and equipment contracts.
  • Pronto Xi ERP software for Pharmaceutical companies includes fully integrated e-commerce and point of sale to support retail sales in-store and online.
    eCommerce and Point-of-Sale (POS)
    Full featured eCommerce and POS built-in to satisfy customer shopping experiences in real-time.
  • Pronto Xi for Pharmaceutical ERP includes fully integrated IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
    Integrated BI: IBM Cognos Analytics
    Real-time business intelligence from built-in IBM Cognos Analytics provides access to interactive reports and KPI dashboards.
  • PSA has in-depth pharmaceutical industry knowledge including dispensary solutions.
    Unrivaled industry experience
    Dedicated team with longstanding experience in all facets of distribution management.

Ask us how we can integrate Pronto Xi ERP Software with essential dispensary and health network solutions.

ERP Software for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Providers

Pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesale-distribution is a highly regulated industry that requires a strong ERP software solution to ensure accurate and safe medication dispensing. Pharma and healthcare providers require robust software functionality in a variety of areas including inventory, warehouse, distribution, rental, point-of-sale (POS), eCommerce and more. Yet, business systems must remain flexible enough to interface with industry specific pharmacy management systems, dispensing systems and regulatory agency networks and their systems.

At PSA, we have proven experience in providing this unique expertise to a range of pharmaceutical providers using Pronto Xi ERP Software. Each with their own unique processes, we have provided secure and robust solutions built on the foundation of Pronto Xi that encompass a range of complexities including dispensary and health network integration, adjudicated (split) billing, inventory traceability and expiry, narcotics management, biowaste management, proof of delivery, eCommerce, rental wash bay processes, and more.

Our clients are essential providers and distributors of prescriptions, medications, medical supplies and medical equipment to individuals, short-term care, long term care, retirement residences and pharmacy outlets.

Comprehensive pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution functionality with non-stop innovation.

  • Current Highlights

    Dispensary and health network system integration

    Proof of delivery application

    One-click, Microsoft Excel driven Financial Reporting

    Integrated Business Intelligence

  • Pronto Xi Pharmaceutical ERP Software is continually developed with over 100000 hours of development in every major release

    Continuous Development

    Vendor portal

    DRP enhancements

    Resource management

    RF web enablement

  • What’s next?

    2D barcode support

    Point-of-Sale for iOS

    Flexible pricing by lot/batch or serial

PSA Pronto Xi Pharmaceutical & Healthcare ERP Software Solution

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