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Unparalleled distribution functionality delivered by industry professionals.

  • Improve order fill rates by accurately forecasting demand and seasonality.
    Improved order fill rates
    DRP and advanced forecasting provide accurate demand planning to ensure all received orders are filled – even during seasonal demand and trends.
  • Pronto Xi ERP Software can be implemented with Voice Warehouse or RFID paperless warehouse options
    Paperless warehouse
    Whether using RFID scanning or voice directed processing, reduce costs through increased efficiency with paperless warehouse processes.
  • Pronto Xi ERP Software is able to handle a variety of pricing models out-of-the-box
    Pricing flexibilty
    Ability to handle a variety of pricing models out-of-the-box without customization.
  • Robust warehouse management system
    Warehouse Managment System (WMS)
    Maximize warehouse throughput and customer service levels through intelligent control of inventory movements into, around and out of the warehouse.
  • Product traceability through serial tracing, lot tracing and purchase order tracing
    Traceability – serial, lot, or purchase
    Accurately manage inventory across multiple locations by serial number, lot number or purchase order number.
  • Pronto Xi ERP Software boasts robust eCommerce and point-of-sales platforms that are built-in to the foundation of the ERP.
    eCommerce and point-of-Sale (POS)
    Full featured eCommerce and POS built-in to satisfy customer shopping experiences in real-time.
  • Pronto Xi ERP Software includes world-class IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
    Integrated BI: IBM Cognos Analytics
    Real-time business intelligence from built-in IBM Cognos Analytics provides access to interactive reports and KPI dashboards.
  • Pronto Xi ERP Software supports electronic data interchange EDI for data transmission with clients and suppliers
    Electronic data interchange (EDI)
    Integrated EDI for streamlined transaction processing with critical trading partners.
  • PSA employs professionals with in-depth distribution industry knowledge
    Unrivaled industry experience
    Dedicated team with longstanding experience in all facets of distribution management.

Ask us about automated stock and inventory level updates across multiple warehouses.

Distribution ERP Software for Distribution and Wholesale Industries

Distribution and Wholesale businesses face pressure from both internal and external sources in ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction. Controlling supply chain pressures, optimizing demand, warehouse efficiency and on-time delivery are challenges that distribution businesses tackle on a daily basis. As a result, maintaining strong business processes backed by a robust distribution ERP software is critical to success.

PSA makes challenges manageable by adapting Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning Software to improve distribution ERP and business processes to optimize competitive advantages. We listen to our distribution clients to ensure that a long-term strategy is in place to handle growth and change, and at the end we deliver insightful analytics to ensure they are on the right path.

All-inclusive distribution functionality with non-stop innovation.

  • Pronto Xi ERP Software Current Highlights

    Current Highlights

    Flexible and robust WMS

    Automated Accounts Payable

    One-Click, Microsoft Excel driven, Financial Reporting

    System wide workflow

    Integrated Business Intelligence

  • Pronto Xi ERP Softwar developed with over 100000 hours of development in every major release

    Continuous Development

    Vendor portal

    DRP enhancements

    Resource management

    RF web enablement

  • Pronto Xi ERP Software next major release features.

    What’s next?

    Proof of delivery application

    2D barcode support

    Point-of-Sale for iOS

Pronto Xi ERP Software:
Distribution Industry Success Story

A specialized building products distributor in the USA, Parksite had three separate computer systems, one of which was outdated while another was so highly customized it would not work with anything else.

Distribution ERP Case Study | Pronto Xi ERP Software

PSA Pronto Xi Distribution ERP Software Solution

Wholesale-Distribution ERP Software Module Requirements Chart

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