Mining ERP Software Rapid Deployment | Go Live in as little as 12 Weeks

What is Rapid Deployment for Mining ERP Software?

Mining ERP Software Rapid Deployment is a templated-approach to ERP software implementation that leverages proven mining business processes and rolls them into a pre-configured ERP software deployment which can be further enhanced to meet specific operational needs. PSA clients have realized full ERP implementation deployment within 12 weeks.

Coupled with cloud implementation for remote connectivity, Mining ERP Rapid Deployment is the preferred choice for mining companies.

‘We are very pleased with the outcome of our ERP implementation that went live in just 7 weeks and came in under budget.’

Patrick Brannan, CFO, Ouray Silver Mines

Currently working towards mining production?

Get your ERP software up and running quickly with less pressure on resources and budgets.

Benefits of Rapid Deployment for Mining

A rapid software deployment is a critical tool for junior and developing mines with short project timelines. Quick implementation allows for near immediate financial and construction project tracking with ERP scalability as the mining organization grows. other benefits are as follows:

  • Mining ERP - Go live in as little as 12 weeks
    Go Live in as little as 12 weeks
    A mining best practices foundation provides an accelerated implementation to produce a fully scalable, fully integrated, and ready-for-use ERP system in record time.
  • Train users at the start of the mining ERP implementation
    Training Solution in 2 Weeks
    Train users at the start of the ERP implementation for improved user adoption. Reap the benefit of including their critical user input to business processes.
  • Mining Industry Proven Chart of Accounts (COA)
    Capitalize on a best-practices Chart of Accounts developed through years of mining implementations. The chart structure provides thousands of accounts and is suitable for any size organization and for all mining methods.
  • Integrated Business Processes
    With integration out-of-the-box, key complimentary modules maintain tight relationships for enhanced business process efficiency and visibility – for example Inventory to Work Order Management in EAM.
  • High Visibility of Ongoing Equipment Costs
    Monitor spending with equipment costs that flow through equipment making information visible at a granular level and providing automatic roll up to the equipment’s home cost center.
  • Streamlined Mining Focused ERP
    Mining ERP functionality is all within reach with menus and screens that display only mining-centric options and processes; shorten user training, simplify access management, reduce support – and overall make users happy.
  • Robust Pronto Xi ERP Foundation for Mining
    Manage finances, budgeting, equipment fleets, projects, costing, tenements, royalties and more in a multi-currency, mobile application that is available in either cloud or on-premise deployment with built in business intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Suite for Mines
    Nearly 60 reports and dashboards available that provide essential insight into mine operations. Financial month end is also covered with a Microsoft Excel updatable reporting pack to help CFOs and controllers close periods with less effort.
  • Quick Return on Investment
    Using a rapid deployment based on mining best practices, return on investment is amplified and realized sooner than typical ERP implementations. An unquestionable advantage when reporting shareholder value.

Download the Mining ERP Software Rapid Deployment Whitepaper

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Mining ERP rapid deployment and the importance of this methodology to the mining industry.

From initial requirements to implementation our Mining ERP Software Rapid Deployment whitepaper provides full details into the process of getting a robust ERP up and running in just 12 weeks.

Mining ERP Software Rapid Deployment White Paper

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