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Does your mining ERP software include full job costing functionality?

The most essential module in any ERP system that is focused on mining is the Job Costing module. It is arguable that most ERP systems have generic efficiencies built into most of the common modules like General Ledger or Fixed Assets. However, with respect to Job Costing functionality there is a significant variation across ERP software solutions that requires further investigation for those looking to invest in a proven mining solution.

The primary requirement is that the job costing system can handle multiple types of projects simultaneously allowing a company to explore, construct, and operate all at the same time, if required. The common perception of job costing is that it simply provides the ability to track costs for each specific job or project. While this may be the case in a limited ERP, job costing must have a select list of features to truly benefit a mining organization.

Our mining expert, Jarrad Sonnenberg details these additional benefits in a comprehensive white paper that not only discusses the intricacies of job costing, but also provides detailed information on planned maintenance, full integration and real-time analytics; the foundation of mining ERP software.

Avoid the need for third-party add-ons in your ERP software implementation, and get the complete list of job costing requirements for mining prior to your search. To download our white paper, ERP Software for Mining: Essential Elements, simply follow this link.

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