Voice Warehouse for Pronto Xi ERP Software
Use your voice.

Advanced hands-free voice warehouse capability to
inject efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

Voice WMS for Pronto Xi ERP Software - Canada & USA

Voice WMS | Voice Enabled Warehouse Management System

for Pronto Xi ERP Software

Improve warehouse operational efficiency, accuracy and safety within a streamlined integrated voice warehouse solution for Pronto Xi ERP Software. Developed by PSA, PSA Voice WMS uses state-of-the-art voice enabled warehouse technology.

PSA integrates Pronto Xi ERP software with Honeywell’s Vocollect Voicelink to create a voice-enabled, hands-free warehouse environment. Inventory requests are translated from data to voice for operators to action, and on the reverse as each instruction is completed, operator voice confirmation is translated to data and seamlessly updated in Pronto Xi’s Warehouse Management module database. PSA VoiceWMS supports the following inventory requests and movements:

Voice Picking for Pronto Xi ERP Software WMS


Picking with operator identification and error handling

Voice Cycle Counting for Pronto Xi ERP Software WMS

Cycle Counts

Assign cycle counts with confirmation and variance recorded in Pronto Xi

Voice Purchase Order Receipts for Pronto Xi WMS

Purchase Receipts

Selective receipt of orders and customer returns for entry into inventory

Voice Transfer Order Receipts for Pronto Xi ERP Software WMS

Transfer Receipts

Selective receipt of transfer orders for entry into inventory

Material Moves for Pronto Xi ERP Software WMS

Material Moves

Material moves between two voice pick-able locations or an awaiting putaway zone

Voice Putaway for Pronto Xi ERP Software WMS


Via receipt process or VoiceLink putaway process with full transaction inquiry


PSA VoiceWMS is exclusive for use with Pronto Xi ERP Software.


What are the benefits of Voice WMS?

PSA VoiceWMS provides the following benefits to Pronto Xi Software customers looking to improve their warehouse operations:

  • Improved warehouse efficiency and accuracy
  • Safer work environment through elimination of user focus on handheld devices
  • Easy to use – reduces training time for warehouse operators
  • Reduced costs – no paper, less equipment
  • Improved warehouse reporting.
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick ROI

For more information about PSA’s Voice Enabled Warehouse

PSA’s Voice Enabled Warehouse is an integrated system designed for Pronto Xi ERP Software. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us or use our demo request form located on the this page.

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