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Selecting an Effective ERP Software Project Manager

In our role as ERP software implementation specialists, PSA insists on a client-side internal counterpart to manage ERP project tasks that are assigned to client teams. The role of the client’s ERP Software Project Manager is invaluable to the success of the implementation as they additionally act as a liaison between PSA and the client’s executive management team; spearheading project support and communicating progress to ERP software go-live targets.

When selecting an ERP Software Project Manager, we recommend that the candidate possess the following characteristics:

Active communicator

Frequently follows up on tasks and project progress with all relevant parties.


Encourages the project forward and promotes change to colleagues and peers.

Highly disciplined

Deals with internal issues while keeping the ERP project on track.

Effective decision maker

Possesses flexibility to incorporate and accept changes to keep the project on track.

ERP software impact aware

Understands the impact that the ERP solution will have on the business.

Experience shows that the most successful candidates are strictly dedicated to the ERP software project, relinquishing day-to-day operational tasks to provide full attention to the implementation. PSA uses a collaborative implementation approach that keeps client-side ERP Software Project Manager’s actively engaged from kick-off to go-live.

What about engaging a 3rd party consultant in this role? This decision is typically based on ensuring dedication to the project, but there are multiple downfalls in foregoing the use of a strong internal resource. The most significant are lack of intimate knowledge of business processes and the people that are administering them. Internal resources will have keen insight into existing processes, how to optimize them and how to engage others in the organization in the quest for improvement.

Selecting an ERP Software Project Manager can be a difficult task, but when considering the characteristics above and reviewing your internal talent, you may discover the choice is clear. Choosing the right person for this critical role is one of the most important decisions in your ERP software implementation – choose wisely, and as a final piece of advice be sure that the ERP Project Manager candidate’s project objectives are inline with those of the company to ensure the most successful outcomes.

Ann Fry
Marketing Manager
As well as assisting with ERP implementation and business process mapping, Ann has been providing ERP software insight to field service, mining, distribution and manufacturing industries for over ten years.

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