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Pronto Xi Tip | Get to know Pronto Xi Function Keys

With the pressure of heavy workloads, even the smallest of shortcuts can relieve stress by helping to complete job duties at a quicker pace. In this tip, we will review Pronto Xi ERP Software’s function keys that provide access to common tasks through the convenience of keyboard shortcuts.

Please note that this tip applies to function keys as found in both Pronto Xi’s Thin Client and new Web-based Client. Any function differences or availability are noted against each topic.

Locating and Using Pronto Xi Function Keys

The function keys that are discussed below are located across the top row of a standard keyboard layout. In some instances, you may need to hold down an additional key (e.g. Fn + F1) to select the option should your keyboard assign multiple functions to these keys. As keyboard layouts vary, please refer to your PC manual.

Function Keys in Pronto Xi

The table below describes the use of each function key and includes usage tips where applicable.

Cancels the current task, for example, to exit a function to return to the tree menu.
Application tips:
  • Use ESC to discard any unsaved changes in a Pronto Xi screen. Pronto Xi will prompt to confirm the information will be lost.
  • Use ESC from the main dashboard to log out of Pronto Xi. If no other screens are open, Pronto Xi will prompt to confirm logoff.
Displays the context sensitive help for the current executed function (as displayed on the navigation bar in the Web Client or bottom right corner of status bar in the Pronto Xi Thin Client) with additional field level help if available. Where field level help is available, this is called before the function help.
Application tips:
  • Press the F1 key twice to open the function help and bypass field level help.

Displays field lookup tables. When F2 is available on a field, a magnifying glass is displayed.
Alternatively, you can display the lookup table by using the mouse to double-click on the field or click on the magnifying glass.

Hot Key
Programmable by a System Administrator, the Hot Key can provide shortcuts to a company’s most used Pronto Xi functions. Selecting F3 will display a menu of all available Hot Key options, further select the required option by typing the underlined character in the option name.

Application tips:

  • Define the most used functions in your organization and submit to your System Administrator for addition to the F3 Hot Key – for example, Customer Enquiry, Inventory Enquiry and Sales Order Entry are often added by Pronto Xi users.
Auto Complete
Auto complete allows you to effortlessly accept all field defaults with a single keystroke, rather than tabbing through fields and hitting enter.
Report Manager
Opens the Report Manager utility which displays reports, confirmations and all items that have been printed under the current login.
Application Tip:
  • Return to the Report Manager to easily reprint any previously printed document.
Print Screen
Captures an image of the screen to the clipboard. The system image editor application for BMP files is opened on the PC. You can paste the image to any application where the Paste option is available.

NOTE: Print Screen (F6) is only available for Pronto Xi Thin Client and must be installed on the local PC.

Screen Customizer
Access Pronto Xi Screen Customizer. The screen customizer is an application that allows customization of individual Pronto Xi screens and is a System Administration tool.
NOTE: Screen customizer (F7) is only available for Pronto Xi Thin Client and must be installed on the local PC.
Exit All
Exits all functions and log out/exit Pronto Xi.
Session Information
Displays detailed information about the active task. Session information includes such detail as Pronto Xi version, program name, date/time, user login information and more.
Application tip:
  • Session information can be critical when obtaining support. Session Information provides a powerful resource to assist support team members in pinpointing use and status information.

Displays the Favourites menu where you can manage your personalized listing menu listing.

A shortcut to a list of functions that are accessed in Pronto Xi.
  • Use the lookup to see the complete list and filter for what you are looking for.
  • New! Pronto Xi’s Web Client allows you to open a function by entering the module and function code directly into the Shortcut field.

Pronto Xi’s function keys provide added convenience in completing tasks. Getting familiar may save you a few keystrokes and hopefully some additional time in your day.

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