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Pronto Xi ERP Tip | Setting the Default Order Type for Warehouse Transfer Accounts

When moving goods between warehouses in Pronto Xi ERP Software, a Sales Order must be created to record the movement of stock from one warehouse to another. The ORDER TYPE for this transaction is entered as: T – Transfer to provide tracking and control of goods.

When a warehouse transfer order is created, Pronto Xi will:

  • produce a delivery docket
  • record the departure between warehouses as two separate events
  • register the stock as In Transit while it is between warehouses
  • allow internal invoices to be created to maintain warehouse average costs as accurately as possible.

To ensure that the Transfer Order is entered correctly, this tip will provide instructions to ensure that orders created against Warehouse Accounts automatically default to ORDER TYPE ‘T’.

Set up the internal Customer Account for the warehouse location:

An internal customer account is created for warehouse locations. This account will be used when orders are created for movement of goods between warehouses.

  1. In Pronto Xi, navigate to: AR M001 Customer Maintenance.
  2. Create the account using the following field entries:
Customer (Account Code) Z + {destination warehouse code} This is the format utilized by DRP. It is worth adopting this standard should this module be implemented in the future.
Price Level I – Internal Ensures orders to this account do not post a sales value.
Warehouse {Destination warehouse code}
Customer Type .. This is a special value that defaults the Order Type to Transfer when you create a manual sales order to this customer account.

Internal Customer Account Record for Warehouse Location in Pronto Xi ERP Software

PSA Information Customer Type Special Codes
If the Customer Type ‘..’ is not available for selection, it may need to be added to the Customer Type Code Table. Refer to function SYS M099, Type CT.

Entering Warehouse Transfer Orders:

When an order is processed for the internal customer account the Order Type will now automatically default to T – Transfer and reduce the possibility of user errors.

  1. In Pronto Xi, navigate to: SO M001 Sales Order Entry.
  2. In the Customer field, select the internal Customer Account for the warehouse location – as in our example Z1001.
  3. The Type field now automatically defaults to ‘T’ indicating a warehouse transfer order.
  4. Complete the transfer order transaction.

Warehouse Transfer order entry in Pronto Xi

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