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Pronto Xi Cloud ERP Hosted Solutions

Providing flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery options and service levels that support organizational growth.

ERP Software

ERP Software as a Service (SaaS) | Cloud ERP Software

PSA provides flexible delivery options for ERP implementation of Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, either as a traditional on-premise solution or via a cloud hosted – ERP SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. PSA’s ERP consultants help clients determine the best implementation method based on factors that include existing IT infrastructure, internal IT team support availability, and expected organizational growth.

Hosted Pronto Xi ERP Software implementations are additionally supported by our cloud services team at Stratus Managed Services.

What is Pronto Xi ERP Software as a Service?

Pronto Xi ERP Software as a Service eliminates the need for your internal teams to acquire, maintain and manage the infrastructure and hardware platforms required for the ERP software. Instead, your ERP software is launched using a secure, reliable internet connection from our data centers where the software is installed, configured and managed based on your specific requirements.

Each client implementation is maintained in its own secure server location and delivered as a full-featured, robust application through an internet browser window. Whether on-premise or hosted, Pronto Xi delivers the same functionality.

Why choose a Cloud ERP Solution from PSA?

Scalable cloud ERP solutions.
Easy to Scale ERP Software.

With software installed on PSA servers, traditional scalability concerns when upsizing are no longer significant. As the Pronto Xi ERP system requires additional resources due to growth or development of the system it is easily managed with no decisions to be made regarding hardware purchases, hardware upgrades, or how to maintain high performance with existing systems.

Flexible cloud ERP solutions.
Flexible Cloud Hosted Services.

PSA provides the most flexible cloud ERP services. Ranging from disaster recovery (DRaaS) to complete ERP software management (MaaS) our ERP and cloud consulting teams work together to provide custom hosted services that are built to client specification.

Pay-as-you-go Cloud Hosted ERP Software
Pay-as-you-Go Cloud ERP Software Subscription with no capital expenditures.

Investment capital to fund an on-premise ERP is sometimes regarded as a barrier to entry as companies struggle to finance a system that is critical to business operations. With a cloud SaaS solution, ERP software use and related platform services are billed on a regular subscription basis that eliminates the need for capital expenditure.

Cloud ERP for mobile anytime anywhere ERP application access
Pronto Xi ERP Anywhere, Anytime Cloud Connectivity.

A cloud hosted solution allows users to connect to Pronto Xi ERP software from anywhere an internet connection is available. In addition, our cloud services team has 24/7 support and monitoring to ensure systems are running smoothly at any time of day.

Cloud based ERP SaaS ERP Hosted ERP
Software Peace of Mind.

PSA’s cloud hosted ERP solutions provide the ultimate in peace of mind. Data is securely monitored, managed and maintained in state-of-the-art data centers by the most knowledgeable team of Pronto Xi and cloud ERP platform specialists.

What are some of the services provided with a Pronto Xi MaaS solution?

To provide context to the depth of service provided with a Management as a Service Pronto Xi ERP Software solution, below are examples of some of the specific MaaS duties performed. This is over and above regular monitoring and support, system administration, and database administration provided with our cloud hosting services.

  • Pronto Xi ERP license tracking including user adds and removals.
  • Create and maintain printers and spool files.
  • Create Pronto Xi datasets (company areas).
  • Maintain Pronto Xi scripts and environment files.
  • Create and maintain tools for dataset copies.
  • Batch processing optimizations.
  • CRON and application services processing maintenance.
  • Maintain Pronto Xi system variables.
  • Monitor key Pronto Xi processes and provide alerts when necessary.

Who is Stratus Managed Services?

Stratus Managed Services is our sister company that focuses directly on the infrastructure and hardware aspects of our cloud service offerings. This division of services ensures our technical resources are honed to provide the most robust cloud services to our clients. Stratus cloud technicians work closely with our Pronto Xi consultants throughout the ERP implementation phase and beyond.

The Stratus team consists of professional resources with infrastructure, networking, hardware, operating system, database, disaster recovery and system administration expertise.