Automated Accounts Payable Processing for Pronto Xi ERP Software

Invoice tracking and management
made simple.

PSA AIR automates payables invoice processing to streamline Accounts Payables functions. Using a powerful workflow along with automated invoice entry, PSA AIR tracks vendor invoices from receipt to payment – ensuring that vendors are paid in the right time frames with reduced effort.

Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing for Pronto Xi ERP

More invoice processing. Less time.

Designed for accounting teams, PSA AIR Automated Accounts Payable delivers a range of features that improve A/P
processing through reduced data entry and productivity efficiencies.

  • Invoice Processing with optical character recognition scanning and direct entry into Pronto Xi ERP Software
    Automatic Invoice Loading
    Scan, enter and validate invoices using Optical Character Recognition software.
  • Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing reduces paper handling and filing storage.
    Paperless A/P
    Share invoice copies and documents – anytime, anywhere – through linked file attachments to the invoice record.
  • PSA Air provides a powerful and flexible workflow for tight execution of Accounts Payable operations
    Powerful Workflow
    Enforce actions on invoices before full processing and payment can occur.
  • Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing with notifications and alerts to ensure a continuous process
    Invoice Alerts
    Provide status alerts via email to advance invoices to payment.
  • Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing provides a quick ROI through immediate efficiencies.
    Quick ROI
    Realize immediate returns through increases in productivity, accuracy and visibility.
  • Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing delivers additional business insight and control.
    Payables Insight
    Detailed invoice registers and dashboards provide invoice processing and payment visibility.

Learn how you can improve supplier relationships and cash flow visibility
through streamlined and automated accounts payable processing.

Invoice entry and attachment
never easier.

PSA AIR’s optical character recognition (OCR) tools allows users to scan and upload invoices in seconds. With a convenient preview screen, users can validate details and make any adjustments as necessary.

PSA Accounts Payable Invoice Processing for Pronto Xi ERP Software

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Invoice Receipt

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