Mining ERP Rapid Deployment for Pronto Xi ERP Software

Mining ERP Rapid Deployment

A rapid ERP software implementation methodology designed exclusively for mining. Deployed with less budgetary and resource impact, ERP can be live in just 8 weeks.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of our ERP implementation that went live in just 7 weeks and came in under budget. PSA worked well with our team to deliver a solution that is robust and effectively meets our mining needs.”

Patrick Brannan, Chief Financial Officer, Ouray Silver Mines

Mining ERP Software for junior and emerging Mining and Mine Suppliers

Mining ERP Rapid Deployment

for Pronto Xi ERP Software

Mining ERP Rapid Deployment is a templated-approach to ERP software implementation that takes the best of mining business processes and rolls them into a pre-configured ERP software deployment which can be further enhanced to meet specific operational needs. PSA clients have realized full ERP implementation deployment within 8-weeks.

Currently working towards mining production?

Get your backoffice solution in place before mining operations commence with less pressure on resources and budgets. Contact us for a Pronto Xi ERP Software demonstration and find out if our rapid deployment option will suit your corporate needs.

Pronto Xi ERP Software acts as the foundation for the ERP implementation which can be selected as either a Cloud ERP or On-Premise ERP deployment. Pronto Xi ERP is proven in the mining industry with over 300 mining implementations worldwide.

Benefits of Rapid Deployment for Mining

Mining ERP Rapid Deployment provides many benefits including:

Mining ERP Rapid Deployment - Fully integrated ERP in as little as 8 weeks
Go-Live in as little as
8 Weeks

Using proven rapid ERP deployment techniques specially designed for the mining industry, PSA can implement a fully-integrated Pronto Xi mining ERP solution in as little as 8 weeks*. The end result launches a traditional ERP implementation that is scalable, and ready for additional growth and development when needed. Rapid deployment does not put any limitations on the overall solution.

Training Solution
in 2 Weeks

Choosing PSA’s Mining ERP Rapid Deployment option pushes forward Pronto Xi ERP user training to within 2 weeks of starting the implementation process. Immediate user software exposure and function training develops increased commentary and aids in building the best business processes for an improved final product.

Industry Proven Chart of Accounts

A mining best-practices Chart of Accounts (COA) is the backbone of PSA’s Mining ERP Rapid Deployment. Developed through years of mining implementations, the chart structure provides flexible reporting and automated cost posting to reduce errors by removing manual input by end users.

The pre-designed COA is suitable for any size organization, from pre-construction to avid producers, and for all mining methods. With thousands of recommended accounts, mining companies are assured that accounts are not missed during implementation, and that their COA is tried and tested for mining industry transactions even before the implementation stage.

Integrated Business Processes

All business processes within the Mining ERP Rapid Deployment are fully integrated out-of-the-box, allowing for quick progression to training. Each module integrates with key complimentary modules, such as Inventory to Work Order Management in EAM. In addition, a number of integrations based on the COA allow for immediate setup of key tables for data availability to end users when coding transactions right from the first day of go live.

Pronto Xi Mining ERP Costing and Asset Management
High Visibility of Ongoing Equipment Costs

Improve visibility on equipment costing with costs that flow through equipment making information visible at a granular level and providing automatic roll up to the equipment’s home cost center.

For example, users can review all costs of a single haul truck at the level of the truck, hauling maintenance, hauling operations, total cost of ownership and hauling as a total.

Managers can focus on their costs at the highest level and drill down into the most granular of costs from any reporting level.

Streamlined Mining Focused ERP

Mining ERP functionality is all within reach with menus and screens that display only mining-centric options and processes. In the short-term, PSA’s mining deployment avoids confusing and overwhelming new ERP users with unnecessary options. In the long term, it prevents support errors, eases user access management, and saves the organization money on third-party support costs and administration.

Robust Pronto Xi ERP Foundation

Pronto Xi ERP Software offers unmatched functionality to the mining community. Manage finances, budgeting, equipment fleets, projects, costing, tenements, royalties and more in a multi-currency, mobile application that is available in either cloud or on-premise deployment. Pronto Xi is also IFRS, SOX and GAAP compliant making it an easy choice for mining CFOs.

Want more? Pronto Xi ERP has leading IBM Cognos Business Analytics business intelligence built-in to the solution.

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* Results may vary based on size and complexity of the implementation.

For more information about PSA’s Rapid Pronto Xi Deployment for Mining

PSA’s Mining ERP Rapid Deployment is specially designed for the Mining industry. To discuss fit of this solution with your business needs or to schedule a demo, please contact us.