Integrated ERP Software for Multi-Faceted Business

Maintaining a competitive edge sometimes requires a business to offer an auxiliary service to increase customer satisfaction and improve market share. Companies are no longer purely distributors or manufacturers – they look to offer multiple service streams to fulfill customer needs. For example, a manufacturer with a field service repair team, or a distributor with a retail counter. The challenge that exists is finding the right integrated ERP software solution and implementation team to handle all the unique needs of the business – without breaking the bank.

Small to mid-sized businesses dreaming of Tier 1 ERP software with big functionality (that comes with an equally large price tag) don’t have to compromise between functionality and budget when looking for their management solution.

PSA helps businesses through implementation of comparable functionality at a lower cost through Pronto Xi ERP software. By pulling together the requirements of all business streams, PSA creates an integrated solution with functional depth in all areas of the business.

With PSA, multi-faceted businesses benefit from:

Pronto Xi – Modular and Scalable

Pronto Xi ERP Software is suited to a Multi-faceted Business