Executive Team

PSA Inc. is managed by an executive team with deep roots in the ERP software industry and the industry verticals that PSA supports – mining, distribution, field service and manufacturing. Their client commitment and success in ERP implementation delivery has solidified their reputation as trusted advisors in the ERP software community.

Marc Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Marc Harris has over 25 years of experience in providing business software and solutions to North American industries. With roots in information technology and business solutions for automotive manufacturing, Marc has taken his knowledge of mission critical applications to help drive success for businesses in a variety of industry verticals.

Marc spearheaded the union of Business Solutions Alliance Inc. in 2005, a full-service ERP software and IT consulting firm with professionals in finance, materials planning and manufacturing. In 2013, BSA and its divisions AX-iom ERP and Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc. joined a large financial services firm where Marc was appointed Partner – bringing Pronto Xi and Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise software to its list of product offerings. In this capacity, Marc infused his entrepreneurial drive by continuing to innovate processes, promote ERP software product awareness and challenge the traditional approach to software delivery. In 2016, in a move to emphasize the strength and adaptability of Pronto Xi software in the North American marketplace, PSA was re-established with Marc taking the role of Chief Executive Officer to offer his strategic direction and guidance.

A firm believer of implementation success through collaboration, Marc promotes a cooperative approach to ERP software deployment; strengthening the relationship between clients and ERP software professionals while injecting essential business and best practice expertise to the project.

David Jenkins

Chief Financial Officer

David Jenkins has assisted hundreds of clients looking to streamline their businesses through enterprise resource planning software. Utilizing his background in manufacturing engineering as a foundation, David began assisting clients through Pure Business Solutions which he merged into Business Solutions Alliance (BSA) in 2005 to form a full-service ERP consulting firm with specialists in material planning, manufacturing processes, finance and information technology.

In 2013 with the merger of the BSA Inc. group of companies with a large financial services firm, David was appointed Partner, bringing along with him a highly skilled team of professionals with expertise in Pronto Xi, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Infor Visual Manufacturing enterprise software. In this capacity, David shared his leadership and tactical knowledge of business software with one of Canada’s largest financial services firms. In a strategic move to capitalize on the benefits that Pronto Xi software offers North American industry, in 2016 Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc. was re-established with David undertaking the position of CFO.

David has a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Mechanical Design and a Master of Business Administration. In addition, David is a certified professional engineer in the province of Ontario. David is proud to be a Past-President and current Executive Board member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunrise.

Andrew Morley

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Morley is our newest executive team member who provides an unparalleled level of Pronto Xi ERP Software knowledge to the Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc. organization. Andrew began his career as a developer for Pronto Software Australia, and has exclusively based his career on continued support and services of Pronto Xi ERP Software in various leadership roles for over 20 years. He has provided management, support, development and implementation services to a large list of globally located clients in all Pronto Xi supported industry sectors; including mining, field service, distribution, retail and manufacturing, and brings to PSA further strategic direction for both clients and its team.

Andrew joined Business Solutions Alliance Inc. in 2008 upon establishment of its business partnership with Pronto Software and has acted as a key advisor since that time. Andrew’s role as COO, was formally announced in 2016 with the return of Pronto Xi ERP software service delivery to PSA Inc.

Andrew has a Diploma in Information Technology along with a diverse mix of training and certifications related to Pronto Xi software, Microsoft BizTalk and related information technologies. Andrew is proud to have served as a volunteer firefighter alongside the courageous men and women at the Jordan, Minnesota Fire Department.