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Pronto Xi ERP Software Release 740.4
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Pronto Xi ERP Software Release 740.4

An incremental release that features new functionality that will delight users. Pronto Software announced its latest release of Pronto Xi ERP Software this week. Although just an incremental release, Pronto has added some significant functionality, that will delight Pronto Xi users. Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) Support for the newly released Pronto POS iOS App. In this […]
Pronto Xi Maintenance Management
ERP Software, Manufacturing, Mining

Pronto Xi Maintenance Management Blog Series | Introduction

Building a foundation for a comprehensive asset management strategy An asset management strategy that includes preventative maintenance is essential for businesses that rely on equipment for production. Most obviously, for equipment-dependent industries such as mining and manufacturing, controlling unexpected downtime is the highest priority – but that is not all that maintenance management offers. An […]
Posted on March 27, 2018 0 1
signs you need new erp software
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8 Tell-Tale Signs You Need New ERP Software

The decision to replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is not always clear. Since ERP software delivers widespread functionality within an organization, replacement often uncovers mixed feelings. For some, the ERP may be satisfactory in sustaining operational processes, while for others, deficiencies in the very same system may be apparent. The argument typically becomes a […]
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Pronto Xi ERP Tech Tip: Cognos Mobile Apple Push Notification Certificate Expiry

The Cognos Mobile Application available on Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad requires an Apple Push Notification Certificate (APN) to maintain a secure connection between the server and mobile devices. The APN certificate included with each version of IBM Cognos Mobile, is valid for 12 months from the date when it was issued by Apple. […]
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New ERP software or new baby, who knew that these decisions had so much in common?

Like most folks, my husband’s and my big discussion about whether to have a baby was fixated on selecting the ‘right’ time. I am sure you are familiar, but if you have not gone through this already, chances are you have seen at least one romantic-comedy movie with a Jennifer (Aniston, Lopez or Lawrence – […]
Pronto Xi ERP Software Mobile Service Features
ERP Software, Field Service

Getting to know Pronto Xi ERP Mobile Service for Field Service Management

Mobile Service connects field service workers in real-time to a company’s back office. With enhanced communication, field service workers can share service call completion details, location information and service part sales with the office. In return, dispatch teams have the ability to share call allocation, client details, and service part information to their field service […]