PSA Requisition Approval Processing Suite for Pronto Xi
Simplify purchasing while gaining control.

Streamline your procurement processes and gain control of spending
with this Pronto Xi solution developed by PSA.

Advanced Requisition Approval System for Pronto Xi ERP

Requisition Approval Processing Suite (RAPS)

for Pronto Xi ERP Software

PSA’s Requisition Approval Processing Suite (RAPS) provides an advanced methodology for managing the purchase requisition approval process in Pronto Xi ERP software. RAPS allows organizations to define complex reporting hierarchies within the ERP software to match their organization structure without setting limits on the type or number of roles a person can play in the approval process.

Companies looking to improve their cost management can utilize RAPS to define specific purchasing approval structures against budgets and projects. Increased visibility over the spending process has proven to tighten purchasing and effectively limit spending. Overall, enhancements made within RAPS to the requisition approval process improve efficiency in approvals, increase the ability of the organization to control its spending, provide significantly more visibility over the procurement process and meets the needs of a complex organization.

Purchasing hierarchies that match processes.

RAPS allows you to choose the most relevant workers associated to projects or budgets to ensure purchase approvals are under control. Purchasing hierarchies can match processes - and even include the same person in multiple purchasing roles.

Always available to approve.

Managers have other duties that may take them away from the office. RAPS provides delegation to pass purchase approvals to other authorized members of your team.

Going beyond expectations.

RAPS provides an additional 8 Levels of approvals beyond the standard 4 delivered with Pronto Xi ERP Software.

Keep purchasing departments advised.

Ensure purchases meet the standards set by your purchasing department. Requisitions can be routed to procurement teams for review before forwarding for management approvals.

Acknowledgements and Approvals.

Acknowledgements allow RAPS users to provide consent/reject upcoming purchases before moving up the hierarchy for approval.

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Functionality & Benefits of RAPS

RAPS is a purchasing system that provides many additional benefits for users of Pronto Xi ERP software. These are just a few of the advantages that RAPS provides:

  • Organization structure depth of 12 levels
  • Ability to review requisitions before being sent for approval
  • Project specific purchases approved by assigned project managers
  • Budget review at acknowledgement and approval steps
  • Additional fields and prompts to identify critical information more readily
  • Same staff member can be utilized in multiple purchase approval roles within the same organizational structure
  • Strong and controlled delegation functionality to compliment a dynamic resource base
  • Supports any currency and any limit
  • Manage documentation as part of the requisition process
  • Track the status of a purchase request throughout the approval process or view the routing details of a previously approved request
  • Keyword search functionality to quickly locate past purchases for supplier, pricing, lead time or shipping method details.
  • Control the internal flow of inventory by adding an approval flow to warehouse picking slips
  • Review and approve purchase requisitions directly from E-mail inbox and receive acknowledgements, rejections, resubmissions, and final receipt of the order also.
  • Complete your purchasing tasks from any web accessible device through the Pronto Xi ERP Software web-based user interface.


For more information about PSA’s Requisition Approval Processing Suite

PSA’s Requisition Approval Processing Suite (RAPS) is an integrated utility designed for Pronto Xi ERP Software. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us.