Pharmaceutical Distribution ERP Solutions
Pharmaceutical Distribution

PSA delivers robust Pharmaceutical Distribution solutions that seamlessly integrate with unique industry leading pharmacy software tools. Leveraging Pronto Xi ERP software, PSA provides a complete enterprise and connected dispensary solution with no compromise in functionality.

Pharmaceutical Distribution ERP Software

Pharmaceutical Distribution is a highly-regulated industry that requires a strong ERP software solution to meet its unique requirements. PSA’s ERP consulting team has proven experience in integration of Pronto Xi ERP Software with well-known prescription dispensary solution tools to provide a comprehensive enterprise solution.

Pronto Xi is Point-of-Sale & e-Commerce Ready
PSA integrates ERP with Pharmacy Dispensary Solutions
Pronto Xi ERP with Distribution Requirements Planning

Point-of-Sale and eCommerce Ready

Non-prescription over the counter pharmacy sales are managed through Pronto Xi’s integrated Point-of-Sale module – a fully customizable terminal interface that supports touchscreen and cash drawer control on a variety of hardware. eCommerce for online webstore purchases is available through Pronto Xi’s online webstore that allows customers to shop and review product details at their convenience. In addition, Pronto Xi sales tools support rebates, coupons and customer returns.

Tight integration with Pharmacy Dispensary Solutions

PSA integrates ERP software with popular pharmacy dispensing solutions – like KROLL DISPENSARY SOLUTION – to ensure proper adjudication of prescription payments between insurers and end customers while pulling in critical accounts receivable and inventory data back into the ERP system for comprehensive analysis and visibility.

Improve Efficiency with Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Pronto Xi’s DRP capability provides accurate order planning and automatic generation of purchase orders to reduce the workload of pharmaceutical inventory replenishment. Pronto Xi provides a time-phased distribution plan with the same level of visibility across an entire network of warehouses, distribution centres and suppliers. Warehouse inventory levels and replenishment can be optimized based on considerations such as supplier priorities, transportation costs, lead times, inventory targets and product cost and category.

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Product Expiration / Shelf Life Tracking

Using First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory in conjunction with shelf life tracking ensures that inventory is utilized before expiration date. Pronto Xi allows both best before date and use-by date to be tracked against inventory items.

Strengthen Partnerships with Long Term Care Facilities

PSA and Pronto Xi can help manage pharmaceutical distribution to long-term care facilities (e.g. Community Care Access Centres (CCAC)) that can incur thousands of orders per day. Efficiency in order fulfillment is supported through various automation methods to improve delivery to centres and ensure service levels are met.

Coordination with Financial Support Programs

PSA’s pharmacy solutions can include coordination of payments with government and other third party support programs – such as workers’ compensation or assisted benefit programs. Benefit terms are managed within the solution to ensure accurate billing across all parties.

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Pronto Xi ERP Software is SOX, GAAP and IFRS compliant and delivers inventory tools and functionality for pharmaceutical distributors to remain compliant with federal agencies and regulators such as Health Canada and US Food and Drug Administration.

Built-in Rental Management Capability

Comprehensive rental functionality is essential for oxygen and mobility equipment. Pronto Xi can track serialized and non-serialized rental inventory as well as providing contract management, asset depreciation, detailed service and rental history and automatic creation of assets through integration with the Pronto General Ledger.

Complete Inventory Traceability

Full product traceability is critical to pharmaceutical distribution. Pronto Xi can effectively trace product both forward and backward, by lot, serial number and by purchase order number.

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