Pronto Xi Maintenance Management Blog Series | Introduction

Building a foundation for a comprehensive asset management strategy

An asset management strategy that includes preventative maintenance is essential for businesses that rely on equipment for production. Most obviously, for equipment-dependent industries such as mining and manufacturing, controlling unexpected downtime is the highest priority – but that is not all that maintenance management offers.

An exhaustive maintenance management strategy can provide analysis of economic life of assets, predictive and preventative maintenance planning and execution, equipment cost and ROI tracking, production capacity, safety and compliance reporting, status and downtime tracking, warranty management and more.

In this blog series we will introduce Pronto Xi ERP Software’s asset management tools that can improve and simplify processes for Maintenance Management Professionals (MMPs). Unlike third party EAM and CMMS software, Pronto Xi Maintenance Management simplifies implementation as it is a component of a fully integrated ERP with a comprehensive set of tools that rivals any third party offering.

In the coming weeks, this series will cover the following topics:

Part 1: Preventative & Predictive Maintenance
Part 2: Equipment Monitor Points and IoT
Part 3: Critical and Rotable Spare Processing
Part 4: Spare Parts Inventory Management
Part 5: Equipment Costing
Part 6: Key Performance Indicators in Maintenance Management

Although a good deal of information regarding Maintenance Management will be provided throughout this blog series, nothing compares to a software demonstration. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule a live presentation of the Pronto Xi Maintenance Management application for your team.

Introduction to Pronto Xi Maintenance Management

To begin, a brief introduction to the tools that make up Pronto Xi Maintenance Management is in order.

What is Pronto Xi Maintenance Management?

Pronto Xi Maintenance Management is a sophisticated maintenance control system designed to track and manage the lifecycle of your plant and equipment items. It enables you to reduce your company’s maintenance and operating costs while maximizing planning and control of your plant assets.

The Maintenance Management module combines a planning and controlling system for maintenance on all types of plant equipment. A powerful database provides a platform on which to store detailed plant items records, for example manufacturer, original purchase price, installation costs, maintenance costs and service costs. Preventative and routine maintenance details can be recorded, as can schedules of warranty expiration dates, manufacturers’ recommended service intervals and statutory inspections.

Maintaining Plant Equipment Items in Pronto Xi

The level of detail in the asset record directly correlates to the amount of analysis that can be leveraged against equipment. Reviewing the Pronto Xi Maintain Plant Item screen, typical asset information is visible, but hotlinks to the right display the level of information depth available. From associated work orders and requests, to comprehensive tracking of key areas such as safety, cost, defects and more.

Pronto Xi ERP Maintenance Management Plant Item Screen
Figure 1: Pronto Xi ERP Software for Maintenance Management – Manage equipment details from the Plant Item Screen
The Maintenance Workflow

The maintenance workflow acts as the foundation for maintenance management in Pronto Xi ERP. Once equipment items are entered into the system, they are monitored both in terms of preventative maintenance and ongoing day-to-day maintenance events.

Incorporated with a detailed equipment record, the tracking of equipment performance, repairs and costs shape the ongoing analysis.

Pronto Xi ERP Maintenance Management Equipment Workflow
Figure 2: Pronto Xi ERP Software for Maintenance Management – Equipment Maintenance Workflow

Pronto Xi ERP software is a fully integrated ERP solution that includes Maintenance Management among a host of modular functionality. Continue to visit our blog for the next chapter in our Maintenance Management series, or for more information about PSA and Pronto Xi we invite you to contact us.

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