January 16, 2018

Providing User Access to IBM Cognos Business Dashboards in Pronto Xi

Pronto Xi ERP Software includes IBM Cognos Analytics which is fully integrated in the software. This allows users to view rich dashboards that compile ERP data into usable metrics for review, tracking and decision-making. With every concurrent Pronto Xi ERP user license, two (2) Cognos Workspace named user licenses are
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How to configure the Pronto Xi ERP Software Notice Board
December 13, 2017

Pronto Xi Tip! Using the Pronto Xi Notice Board as a Corporate Electronic Bulletin Board

Pronto Xi ERP Software includes a Notice Board function that allows authorized users to post to an electronic bulletin board within the system. We often associate this function with system administration uses, such as advising of planned maintenance, or requesting users to logoff the system; however, the Notice Board function
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October 20, 2017

Pronto Xi Tip! Specifying Printers for a Pronto Xi ERP User

Printers can vary across a wide-spread organization by department or area leaving some confusion for users that are trying to choose the most convenient locations, or printer types. This tip will help administrators to limit the list of available printers accessible by a user in Pronto Xi ERP Software so
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Pronto Xi ERP Solutions Overview for Technology
October 23, 2016

Pronto Xi Technology

Now, more than ever, businesses need a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that is flexible enough to adapt to a changing world. Download the Brochure
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Pronto Xi ERP Data Intelligence - Exporting Data from Pronto Xi
January 31, 2018

Pronto Xi ERP Tip: Exporting Data from Pronto Xi using Data Intelligence

Flexibility in ERP software is essential to meet ever changing business needs. Pronto Xi ERP Software allows users to organize and complete tasks with inherent customization tools. Many of these tools we are familiar with – for example Favourites Menu, Screen Customizer, and development tools such as component libraries and
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March 5, 2018

Pronto Xi ERP Tech Tip: Cognos Mobile Apple Push Notification Certificate Expiry

The Cognos Mobile Application available on Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad requires an Apple Push Notification Certificate (APN) to maintain a secure connection between the server and mobile devices. The APN certificate included with each version of IBM Cognos Mobile, is valid for 12 months from the date when
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November 21, 2017

Pronto Xi ERP Software Tip! Adding a Cognos Report to the Pronto Xi Navigation Menu

Fast access to frequently used reports is a simple way to increase productivity. By adding IBM Cognos Analytics reports to the Pronto Xi ERP Software Menu the user experience is enhanced and easy navigation is provided for access to favourite reports. To add a Cognos report to the Pronto Xi
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May 19, 2017

Pronto Xi | How to run an application service for only part of the day

  When you have a process that you need to run on a scheduled basis throughout the day, there are 2 options in Pronto Xi ERP Software: use a Linux crontab entry use an Application Service Application Services is the preferred method, and much easier to administer, with its wizard-based
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